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Dear Customer welcome to Chaotic Trading Bangkok.

We are a well established jewelry company within the body piercing market and we are specialising in producing and supplying organic body jewelry as well as other organic jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and rings.You will find one of the largest collections of organic jewelry and body piercing on our website and to get full access to this amazing jewelry collection you will first have to become a member

Once you have signed up you will be able to login and browse through our full body piercing and organic jewelry collection, see our prices and special offers as well place and pay for your orders online.So please sign up and you will see all the amazing jewelry and body piercing that we have to offer. Please note that this is strictly a wholesale jewelry web-shop and we don't do any retail sales. Our minimum for wholesale orders is 250 USD.

We take great pride in not just designing our own organic jewelry but we also produce all our jewelry in our own factory and workshops. This gives us the ability to offer our customers not just very competitive prices but more importantly we have full control over the quality of the jewelry that we produce and the materials that we use to produce it.

We can proudly standby all our jewelry products and organic body piercing and guarantee a high quality product that is safe to wear as we personally take part in ensuring that all materials that are being used are free of dangerous materials and that all our products are hypoallergenic. We hope that you will find some amazing jewelry to improve the sales of your business and that we can grow together in a long term relationship. Sign up, become a member, login and see for yourself all the amazing jewelry and piercing products that we got to offer…

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Chaotic Trading Bangkok

10/08/2017NEW 1mm labrets.

We have started adding 1mm labrets to our collection of labrets.

18/05/2017Upload your CSV file orders.

You can now upload your orders and have the order automatically added to your cart.
You will need to be logged in to use this option.

18/05/2017Updated website.

We have updated the looks of our website and made it faster and easier to use.

05/01/2017Back from holidays.

We just got back from the holiday and ready for 2017.
The chaotic team wishes you all a successful new year.


We have started accepting PayPal payments again.

27/11/2015Happy holidays !

Chaotic Trading will be closed for the upcoming holidays starting from the 22-12-2015 to 05-01-2106.
We wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.

25/08/2015Newly added wood ear plug

Great news for our organic body piercing buyers , we have finally added the internal spiral wood plug with brass inlay.

08/06/2015Added by popular demand !

We have added BKBPL 001 in big sizes requested by popular demand.
The sizes added are 18mm , 20mm 22mm and 25mm .
Now this tribal brass ear plug has got all sizes ready available for sale on organic jewelry wholesale.

04/04/2015Speed !

We are happy to let you all now that we have improved the speed of our website.
The website is now 8 times faster then before.

23/02/2015High season

We are sorry if your shipment does not get shipped out with in 24 hours of you placing the order.
Its really high season right now , we will try and make sure your order will be shipped out with in 48 hours of you placing the order.

19/12/2014Holiday Notice !

We are closing for the holidays.
Closing on the 23/12/2014.
Opening on the 06/01/2015.
Orders placed during this period will be shipped out after 06/01/2015.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Happy holidays from chaotic trading team.

05/12/2014Upgraded stock watch.

We have upgraded the stock watch page you can now select what organic jewelry items you want to receive stock notifications from, check it out.

29/10/2014Reduced priced item !

We have just added a super easy way for you to find out what items have had their price reduced, we do work hard on reducing prices of all items , we sell the best quality and we also want to try and do that at the best wholesale price for all organi

29/10/2014New checkout process

Our check out process has been updated you can now pay with Paypal Plus we now offer UPS , DHL and EMS as shipping options.

17/09/2014Sale , coco-shell earrings

All coco shell earrings are on 50% sale for a limited time.

27/08/2014Improved jelly fish pyrex plug

We have improved on the (MP9PL 011)
jelly fish pyrex plug, the back ground is now blue so you can see the the jelly fish much cleared.
As you know we always improve here at organic jewelry wholesale.

26/08/2014New mayan calendar wood plug a

Just added , new mayan wood plug !

08/08/2014Just added !!

We just added a bunch of new designs of wood plugs and other goodies , check it out !

08/08/2014New brass septums !

Sorry guys The brass septums had to go up in price, not much so dont worry. The cool thing is that we just added another eight designs to our brass septum wholesale collection, enjoy.

22/04/2014New website look !

We are happy to introduce or new website look, we felt like the website needed a bit of clean up to make it more pleasant to the eye.
We have added one new ordering option, you can now select quantities with out the keyboard. Just use the up and dow

23/01/2014New pyrex collection add !

Our new PYREX PIERCING collection is live and ready in stock.

21/12/2013Website updates

Website updated, We have added many handy tools to "my account" on our website. Tools include "stock watch", "stock notifications", "my favorites", my collection and many other tools.
All the tools can be found in your account ones you have logged

22/11/2013Price has gone up on brass ear

Price UP on all the tribal brass earrings !! sorry we have had to put up our prices for all our tribal brass earrings !

28/10/2013Search by size

You can now search for items by size.
This option can be found on the Search Option page.

19/07/2013New! Knock down plug displays

We finally cracked it , we figured it out !
Cheap and easy flexible knock down displays for double flair plugs !! check out the new displays in the display section .

29/10/2012Surfboard necklace

Organic Tading Bangkok just release their new Surfboard necklaces.
Check out the surfboards.

01/10/2012New fake piercing system.

We have finally come up with a perfect system for attaching fake piercing's to the ear . All our fake piercing's will be slowly but surely updated to this new system. Please contact us if you want more info.

be smart buy more organic jewelry for less quality guaranty for organic jewelry new organic jewelry shop in bangkok real organic jewelry manufacturer

Organic Jewelry Wholesale is the official wholesale website for Chaotic Trading which is a family owned company that have been in the wholesale body piercing and jewelry wholesale market since 1990. We take great pride in our jewelry collections as we do all designs ourselves and production is made in our own workshops which are located in Thailand and Bali. We always try our outmost to be in the forefront of the wholesale piercing jewelry and the only way to do the is to constantly come up with not just new cool body jewelry design but also find new body piercing concepts and use new materials.

The newest hottest trend over the couple of years have been the brass jewelry and from the beginning we were one of the pioneers using brass to make septum jewelry, brass plugs and brass ear tunnels, body jewelry and off course brass tribal earrings. The last year we have focused on bringing the brass and also white brass materials to other aspects of the body piercing and also the fashion jewelry markets by creating navel bars, triages piercing, stud earrings and a big assortment of various nose piercings all made from brass.

One of the great thing about organic jewelry and body jewelry is that we have so many variations of materials that we can utilize in our production such as wood, horn, bone, shell, stone, glass and brass. This makes for a very good starting point when dreaming up new body jewelry designs and ideas as the variations are limitless. By not just using all these different materials but also by combining them we have been able to create a very large and diversified organic jewelry collection ranging from large gauge tribal wood ear plugs to Pyrex glass body piercings to wood jewelry and our extensive tribal brass jewelry wholesale collection with earrings, nose pins and ear studs, tribal brass plugs, brass earrings and much more.

The newest hottest trend over the couple of years have been the brass jewelry and from the beginning we were one of the pioneers using brass to make septum, brass plugs and tunnels, piercings and off course brass earrings. The last year we have focused on bringing the brass and also white brass materials to other aspects of the body piercing and also the fashion jewelry markets by creating navel bars, triages piercing, stud earrings and a big assortment of various nose piercings all made from brass.

Early on we were mainly focusing on producing and supplying wholesale body jewelry products but in recent years we have been producing more and more basic jewelry wholesale accessories as well. Not to take anything away from our large gauge wholesale ear plugs and piercing wholesale lines, this is still a big part of our wholesale collection, we now but as much efforts into making many mainstream organic fashion jewelry wholesale accessories as well. You will now find a good assortment of wooden necklaces and earrings, wood, bone & rings and earrings, ear studs made from wood and shell, wholesale brass earrings, hand-painted wood earrings and a wide collection of fake piercing.

If you are a first time customer of body jewelry wholesale products or new to the organic and brass jewelry market as a whole we do have some suggestions for you. The base for any body jewelry vendor is the basic wood ear plug and this is something that we do carry a very wide range of in our body jewelry collection. We are currently using about 20 different types of wood in our wholesale ear plug assortment with intricate carved designs inlayed brass, shell and stone as well as the highly popular plain wood ear plug that come at a very affordable wholesale price. So we recommend that you start your body jewelry purchase with some wholesale ear plug deals.

One of our most successful concepts body jewelry so far has been the fake body piercing which has now become one of our best selling wholesale piercing jewelry collections. For anyone selling jewelry be it a specialty store for body jewelry or just shop selling normal jewelry or even just a store with a small jewelry stand we highly recommend to carry some of our fake body piercing items. So when doing your jewelry wholesale purchase be sure to include some of our wholesale fake piercing jewelry as this most likely will be something that most of your customers that don’t want to stretch their ears would want to buy as these will fit into a normal sized ear hole bit still look like large gauge piercing.

Another body jewelry type that is getting very popular in recent years is our tribal brass wholesale collection. We have created a huge variety of wholesale body jewelry products as well as normal jewelry designs such as tribal brass earplugs, brass body piercing in many different gauges as well as brass nose septum and heavy brass ear weights for stretching your ears. Our brass jewelry wholesale collection does not only offer wholesale body piercing products but a big assortment of normal brass jewelry items such as brass earrings, ear studs, brass nose pins and other tribal brass jewelry wholesale selections. Off course we offer our brass collections in both normal brass as well as white brass, all nickel and lead free.

These are just a few tips on our comprehensive body piercing wholesale collection, please browse through it all and we are sure that you will find the body piercing and jewelry wholesale designs that will suit the needs for your business. If you need any type of assistance or advice regarding making your wholesale purchase please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will share our body jewelry expertise with you to make sure that you and your business get exactly what it needs and that both our businesses can grow together.Best wishes, Chaotic Trading Team


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