Notice ! Cost of labor/utilities/materials has increased a lot over the years so we had to increase our prices for many items.

Free shipping to UNITED STATES for orders over $500
Minimim order $250

Free Shipping offers free premium shipping for orders above stated amount for certain orders to certain countries. (This is free premium shipping, We will not send your order by slow mail).

Discounted orders do not receive any free shipping !!

Customers are responsible to pay any and all import duties, taxes and/or customs charges upon arrival of their order, UPS and DHL might take up to a week to ask for any importation fees !!

How do i get free shipping ?

1. You need to make a order for over the stated amount (in your preferred currency).

2. You need to make sure that your country is included in our free shipping offer, please check the list at the bottom of this page.

3. Select the free shipping option when checking out your order, this might be DHL , UPS or EMS, it all depends on the country you want us to ship to. Please check the country shipping list at the bottom of this page to find out what method will be used for your country.

What shipping method do you use for the free shipping ?

We will not use slow mail for any shipments, we will ship your order either by UPS express, DHL express or EMS (registered express mail) depending on your country.

Have a look at list below to see what we will use for free shipping to your country.!
Countries that are not listed are not included in the free shipping option and will not receive free shipping!!



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