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U.S.A. Customers

Dear USA Customers, importation of wood, buffalo horn and bone is not restricted within the U.S!

But importing products made from sea-shells and/or corals requires a $50/year import-export license/federal fish and wildlife permit from the U.S. Department of the Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service!

We have blocked all U.S customers from being able to order any items containing sea-shells and/or corals. U.S Customers can unblock these items by providing us with a copy of a valid wildlife permit.

Please contact us if you have a wildlife permit so we can unblock you!

You can apply for a license by following this link.

You will need to provide the following information to Fish and Wild life services so as to be able to obtain your import permit.

1. Abelone

  • Species: Haliotis iris
  • Genus: Haliotis
  • Country of origin: Thailand

2. Mother of pearl

  • Species: Pinctada Fucata
  • Genus: Pinctada
  • Country of origin: Thailand

3. Sponge Coral

  • Species: Melithaea ochracea
  • Genus: Melithaea
  • Country of origin: Thailand

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