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About Chaotic Trading

We are a family that has been in the jewelry business for the past 85years , we have been producing organic jewelry and piercing for over 20 years.

Our strong points are quality and delivery.

Chaotic Trading is a company that manufactures and wholesales Organic Body Piercing and Organic Jewelry. Our product range's from the latest in house designed hand-carved horn & bone piercing to wood earring, wood rings, leather bracelets, necklaces and many more hand made organic jewelry and organic piercing products.
We have been in the forefront of the organic jewelry business for more then 25 years and we know how important quality and originality is to our customers which is the main reason that we still now today are one of the leading factors of bringing new and exiting designs to the organic piercing and the organic jewelry market. We always stand behind our products so when you buy from us you can be sure you will have a unique and perfectly finished product.

Our E business

We are a next generation online shopping service that focuses on providing a completely safe e-buying environment. We are proud to have affiliated ourselves with, an online payment and verification system that has a proven record of being 100% secure and trouble free. Never before was buying our renowned products that easy as with our brand new E-shopping experience.

You can also visit our fully stocked shop in Bangkok.

Our Team

We are coming from a unique family that for many generations have been involved with designing and producing jewelry. We are known to continuously creating new trends and fashions while creating a superior product that is always envied by our close competitors. As a well accepted world leader in our line of business we have hired an enthusiastic team of creative and well qualified designers. Combining ancient techniques and modern design our team produces an extraordinary line of beautifully hand carved products that can be seen worn by any bothat has a sense of quality.

Our production

We produce our products in remote areas of Indonesia and Thailand where local expertise still fuels traditional techniques of hand carving jewelry. After years of research we have now created our own factories where highly skilled and experienced locals are doing what they do best; hand carving with great care and finesse a unimaginable beautiful piece of art what is known to you as our exquisite line of organic jewelry. In our production we use natural raw materials that locals have used for thousands of years. Far and away from the modern world we found local people that are capable of creating and producing jewelry combining our ultra modern designs with traditional carving ways that can only be learned by passing them on from generation to generation.

Our Social obligation

We have succeeded in creating a unique local Eco-awareness. We help to develop local areas economically and socially. A major part of our sales flows back into the local communities where our factories are located. Because of our social effort and awareness schools are being build,the poor gets fed and we give back to those in need. We are continuously involved in important social development projects, always giving back and return what we have taken from the earth.

Our Store in Bangkok

Our organic jewelry and organic piercing store in Bangkok has been open for business for the past 20years and is located next to khoasarn road. Our shop was the first to sell this type of jewelry in our area .Our area has now developed in to one of the worlds centers for body jewelry and many other types of jewelry .Khoasarn road has now become a very popular destination for many jewelry buyers because of the variety of jewelry and piercing wholesalers that have based their outlets here. Please come for a visit if you ever come to Bangkok.

Our Stands

We have always taken a strong stand against certain injustices in our world. That's why we aggressively fight against child labor. Our team ensures that our organic jewelry line is produced without any involvement of anyone under the age of 18.

For our buffalo bone and horn products we ensure that no animal is ever killed or harmed just for our jewelry. All our buffalo horn comes from remote areas on the island of Sulawesi where locals still in ways of ancient tradition eat buffalo meat as part of their daily food. We buy the bone and horn from communities that otherwise would have no use for it.

We are making considerable contributions to help protecting rainforest. We believe using endangered trees and cutting down our precious rainforest is a serious criminal offense. We have our own plantations where environmentally sustainable trees are produced for our organic body jewelry line. We always give back what we take. In our continuous effort to save the world we have a 2 for 1 policy in which we guarantee that we plant 2 trees back for every tree we take from our plantation. In this way we make our contribution to a more environment friendly future and help decreasing harm done by green house gasses.

We have been awarded and praised for our harsh stand against certain injustices in our modern world. We will continue our effort to make our world a better place.

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